Gardenasia is a nature-based events company that seeks to instil the naturally inspired lifestyle in everyone.

Nestled in Singapore’s countryside, Mother Nature can be found all around our two hectare venue in Kranji. However, beyond being just a unique venue, Gardenasia crafts distinctive holistic experiences to change the way people look at nature. We are armed with a professional team that has had the privilege to engage the community as a whole through a full array of services. From seminars, corporate trainings and kids workshops to large-scale events and conferences, Gardenasia has been naturally inspiring people, events and venues since 2001.


"By the community, for the community."

Our mission has always been to create distinctive and holistic life experiences inspired by nature. Morchoo.com, named after our lovably nurturing and down-to-earth pink ambassador, was created to further this mission.

We do so by curating vendors whom offer quality, eco-friendly and local agricultural products on our online store, making them more accessible to people who believe in advocating the same sustainable practices as we do. Through this platform, we hope to build a community that cares about the origins and craft of their products, and the impact these products may have on the environment and people.


Titoy & Morchoo are the lovable friends of Gardenasia! As elements of nature themselves, they embrace the naturally inspired lifestyle with open arms, and hopes to encourage all to do the same!

Titoy may be one of few words, but his cheeky, easygoing personality endears him to many. Quick and curious, he is able to get out of trouble as swiftly as he gets into it! Regardless of the adventures Titoy gets himself into, he continues to inspire with his good nature and heart of gold.

The precious dew in Titoy’s leaf possesses powers of healing and refreshing, which helps to enrich many with the gift of life.

Pretty in pink Morchoo is everyone’s sweetheart. Kind and down to earth, she is friendly to everyone she meets. Along with her grace and charm, her warmth melts even the hardest of hearts. Morchoo’s trendy ponytail also serves an important function: in times of trouble, it spins her up into the air and to the rescue!